We are talking about a delay when your child is approaching the age of 3 and:

  • They do not use speech
  • Communicates only with meanings (shows what they want)
  • Say only syllables or words like mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, water (vocabulary <10)
  • It is difficult to repeat the dictionaries we call it
  • Its reason is incomprehensible from the social environment
  • Does not combine words (eg phrases: mom ride, short sentences: mom eating apple)

When should I seek the specialist’s help?

When you start worrying! Do not hesitate! If there is a disorder, early intervention is very important. Early diagnosis of linguistic delay in young children (eg from 24 to 30 months of age) is considered to be significant since at this age the child has many possibilities to improve and recover the language delay if proper counseling is followed or treatment.